Win A New Home, A Dodge Viper and More! Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Prizes!

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You Can Explode Your Business!


We Gave Away An iPad II And Now
We Are Giving Away $1,000.00 In Cash!!!

Please read the following because something like this only happens once in a lifetime.


Let me give it to you straight...

There is no magic software that will make you rich overnight. 

"Just 6 Clicks Of My Mouse
              Made Me $1,000,000.00!!!"

Sound familiar?
You bet it is. All the so called Guru's are trying to get you to buy their magic software. They show you how much money they made with this magic software, but in reality it is how much money they made selling this software to people like YOU!

Now I have to tell you something that may hurt your feelings but YOU NEED the truth if you want to make money in your business.

Well, here it goes. You have absolutely
NO IDEA what you are doing. You couldn't even give away a steak to a starving man let alone sell it. So what do you do? You buy the guru's secret software that never works.

Even worse, even though it is so easy to do you end up having to be a major programmer just to set it up. It only cost $47 right? But then they hit for for $299, $199, $99 Per Month and all types of up sales that your head starts spinning and you get this sick feeling deep down inside.

And after all the money, the work, after all the so called training...



In the next few minutes I am going to show you how I started a business on a shoe string and built it until I was making over $12,000.00 per day. And guess what?

I Did it Without ANY Special Software!

It is a tried and true system that will always work but I took this system and made it a thousands times better because now it is Automated!
Watch this video as I reveal exactly what I did to make $12,000 Per Day and how you can use it for Your Business.  

Every One Who Joins Receives a FREE Gift!
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Still thinking about joining us to make a lot of money? Here is another reason to join. To have fun! Roger and I loved the programs that gave great prizes. It is just so much fun and some prizes are just given at random so it could be YOU that wins a great prize.


Just think about this. YOU get Leads for less, YOU get Phone Broadcasting to your leads. Both of them together is still cheaper than buying leads from someone else. YOU get rich just telling others about our business and you get prizes and Super Prizes.


As our membership grows so will our prizes. We will also be giving away cash. Now, most of the prizes will be given to those who sponsor the most Pro Members but we will also be giving away prizes even to those who only sponsor 1 member.


Wouldn't that be nice to sponsor just one person and still win $10,000.00 in Gold? You know it will. We will have a list in the back office to show you the next scheduled prize but we will be having random prizes as well as we work toward the scheduled prizes.


Every Member Can Get A New iPad II for FREE! Every Member!

Now isn't that cool? They start at around $500.00 but you could very well get it for free.

Isn't that the way to do it? Get your leads cheaper than anywhere else. Get phone broadcasting and leads together cheaper than getting leads from anywhere else.

Get paid a whole lot of money each and every month for just telling others about us and then to top it all off you get great prizes as well.

But that isn't all.

How would you like a new gaming computer system?

 If you love playing games and you want to have fun we are going to make it possible for you. With a super computer system you will be playing in style and your friends are going to be begging for you to have them over.


Now you are doing real business and having fun at the same time but instead of just making money why not win it as well. How about $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 in cash? 


$10,000.00 to $20,000.00 in cash?

Cash is always handy isn't it, but free cash is even better. Have you ever seen a lead generation company do what we are doing? NOPE!

Other companies are only interested in making a big profit but not We want to give more back to you because we want to be the only company you come to for lead generation and advertising.

But what about inflation? You know that inflation is in every country right now so maybe $10,0000.00 to $20,000.00 dollars in cash is not enough.

Maybe we should give you $10,0000.00 to $20,000.00 dollars in GOLD!

WOW OH WOW is this getting GOOD or what? You are getting all the leads you want for a lot less, you are getting phone broadcasting and leads for less, you are getting money and a whole lot of it just for telling others about us and prizes, prizes and even more prizes. SUPER PRIZES!

But it JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER. You have to get that cash and gold to and from the bank don't you? You need to go places to spend it as well right?

You are going to need something to get you there. You have places to go don't you and I bet you want something nice and reliable to get you there, don't you?


I know you do so how about a Brand New Cadillac?

Are you getting excited yet? You should be because you have never ever experienced anything even remotely like this.

Our products can not be beat in quality or price, but when you add everything else to it you just can't help but get excited. VERY EXCITED.

Do you think that this is all there is? If you did then you are very very wrong. There is even more!

So what could be better than this? How about this. That New Caddy is pretty good to take the family around in.

Nothing like taking your family out to eat in the luxury of a New Caddy but maybe you really want to show off or maybe you are not married and want to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe you just want to give your date a thrill.

Why not do it in a Brand New Dodge Viper?

Now are you ready to join? Now are you ready to become a member of

Is there anything else that we could do just to get your business? Do you see how much we want your business?

As time goes by we will even do more for you just to KEEP Your Business.

Once you become a member you will get leads cheaper than anywhere else. The same high quality leads but for a whole lot less.

That's not enough? OK, we'll call your leads for you with our 10 Million Dollar Broadcasting system. We will do all the work to set up and call your leads for you and again you get the Leads and the Broadcasting cheaper than those greedy other companies charge you just for the LEADS!

Still not enough? BOY! You are a tough person to please. OK OK already, we will pay you money each and every month just for telling others how they can get their leads cheaper and make money with their business.

What still not satisfied? Well, we are going to roll out the prizes for you from an iPad all the way up to a New Dodge Viper. Are you Happy Yet? Of course not. You are one tough cookie. Ok we are going to do all the above and on top of it all (and this better satisfy you because it is the very last thing we are going to give away) we are going to...



Now are you ready to become a member? You bet you are so
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Everyone Who Joins Receives a Free Gift !!!


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Make You Lots of Money advertising
YOUR business or ours!



Every One Who Joins Receives a FREE Gift!
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Ralph Durst - iPad II Winner !!! The "10 Million Dollar Blast Club" is the BEST Income Opportunity & Lead generator for ANY Business I've ever joined in my 8 years of Internet marketing!

I commend the founders, Martin and Roger, on their hard work establishing a "Club" that provides such responsive lead packages at such a great price.

But the Best part is that they CALL the leads for you for ANY Business you are involved with for FREE - this was totally unheard of on the Net until now.

I use the "Club" as my primary Business & I'm growing it Automatically with their leads & broadcasting service - Talk about Automation - this is the real thing!

Not only am I making a solid growing monthly Income - I just won one of the many prizes they are giving away - a Brand NEW iPad II ! Honesty & Integrity - the "Club" has it all - take it from someone who has been around the Net for 8 years - I finally found a real winner !

Ralph Durst

This is going to excite you in a big way. In most programs people DO NOT KNOW how to sponsor other people. They do not know how to sell and they don't want to. People just want to make money.


This is what makes the 10 Million Dollar Blast Club so great. We do ALL the advertising for you and we do it for less than most companies charge just for leads. So now we can get people to join your program or join or club under you directly and YOU make money.


Next we do the same for them so they make money and they can do it with No Training, No Skills, No Selling. We generate the leads (and we can get millions per day) and we call them. But here is what makes this so exciting for you.


Every member that you refer or we refer for you, you will be paid $5 per month per person. So lets say you only sponsor 4 people (or have us sponsor them for you), you would be making $20 per month.


Now you are thinking BIG DEAL but it is a BIG DEAL, keep reading. Since we have a 2 Over System the members you bring in or we bring in for you MUST give you their 2nd and 4th member. So now lets say you brought in 6 members and passed 2 to your sponsor leaving you with only 4 members.

Now you decide to stopped advertising the club. What does that mean to you money wize?


You would be making $20 per month but those 4 people must give you 2 each. So the next month you may have 8 NEW members under you for an additional $40 per month for a total now of $60 per month.


Now it is getting exciting because you are now making 3 times what you were for doing nothing! And unlike other programs your members DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW TO ADVERTISE because we can do it for them!


Now your business keeps growing! So the next month you could be making $100 per month and it keeps growing. Look Below and remember this is for demonstration purposes only and not a guarantee of earnings of any kind as we can not guarantee what you will make if any but it does shows what you can do on a small scale.


Month You Sponsored Pass Over to You Commission Sub Total Total
1 4 0 $5.00 $20.00 $20.00
2 0 8 $5.00 $40.00 $60.00
3 0 16 $5.00 $80.00 $140.00
4 0 32 $5.00 $160.00 $300.00
5 0 64 $5.00 $320.00 $620.00
6 0 128 $5.00 $640.00 $1,260.00
7 0 256 $5.00 $1,280.00 $2,540.00
8 0 512 $5.00 $2,560.00 $5,100.00
9 0 1024 $5.00 $5,120.00 $10,220.00
10 0 2048 $5.00 $10,240.00 $20,460.00
11 0 4096 $5.00 $20,480.00 $40,940.00
12 0 8192 $5.00 $40,960.00 $81,900.00


Think about it. You only sponsored 4* people or you had us do it for you and then you quit, the Pass Over rule took effect and you still make over $81,900 PER MONTH by your 12th month! But the best part is you may sponsor as many people as you want!


Don't forget that with other programs people have to advertise and most people do not know how but now they don't have to because we do it with our State of The Art Phone Broadcasting, Lead Generation ( NEW: Emailing of all your leads for you*.) They don't have to know anything to make money for them and for YOU!

This is no pie in the sky program. Hey we would make a killing just selling our advertising for businesses but we really want to Put money in YOUR pockets. Where will you be a year from now? Looking for something or making over $81,900 PER MONTH?

Now are you ready to join? It gets better find out how we will also EMAIL all your leads for you as well!


Every One Who Joins Receives a FREE Gift!
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